Studio Plafondeling

One day, in late March, Yleana came to my studio in Utrecht. She arrived with a suitcase full of outfits, a steamer to steam out the wrinkles of her clothes, her favourite pair of shoes and a selection of jewellery — the goal of this morning: portraits for her new business.

In the next couple of hours, we created a series of portraits reflecting Yleana's fun and quirky spirit. And we accidentally stumbled upon a more vulnerable side of her when we ventured into a small boudoir session.

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If I had to describe my style of photography with one word, it would be 'documentary'. Why? Because my approach is very hands-off. Sure, I guide you through the process of creating your story, but you are in charge. You decide what we're going to do and how, and I'll be there to document everything from the big moments to the tiny details.

When is the right time to get in touch? Well, that depends. If you have a date and are determined to work with me, as soon as possible. Also, when there's travelling involved, the sooner the better. But if your plans are more flexible and close to where I live, we could arrange a photo session usually within two weeks. So it's up to you.