Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Based in Utrecht

Film-like photography

for those who treasure the in-between

I'm Hester

The Person Behind The Lens

If you like unconventional, raw and honest photos, I’m your photographer

For me, the single most important thing is that you fall in love with the photos we create together. And in order to get there, we're not going to rush this process. Life is hasty enough as it is, so I invite you to slow down, unwind, and spend a couple of hours with me.

Wedding & Portrait photographer

Turning life & love stories

into small timecapsules.

- Since 2018 -

Your story matters.

Too many people don't want to be in photos because they believe they're not interesting or beautiful enough, because they're scared of the camera, or don't recognize themselves in images they see in magazines. If you're one of these people,

I invite you to book a photo sessions with me. Through my photos I hope to give you space to look at yourself with compassion. For the simple reason that you are good enough. Right now. As you are. No matter your skintone or religion, your gender or sexuality, your dress size, your seen or unseen disability, or whatever insecurities you may have.